As a young, highly sensitive woman, visual artist Tessa Ruger (b. 1996) is always seeking balance and structure in her personal life. Daily life often resonates with her in an intense manner, especially in a city like Amsterdam – her place of residence. With her camera she illustrates a world where calmness and stillness are prominent. A world that appears almost paradoxical to how the external world impacts her.

Photography for her, is a way to filter life rather than it is an outlet. After a period of reflection – she has realized that the ultimate destination of the journey she embarks upon during her time on earth is not external, but in fact, lies within herself. Her camera serves as a vehicle to come as close as possible to her true self.

The aesthetics of Ruger’s work are characterized by warmth, natural light, simplicity and softness. Through her female-gaze she adds a sensitive and intimate layer. Her work is best described as a blend of vulnerable portraits, cinematic documentary shots and fashion series that are more narrative-driven than focused on commerce. By eliminating noise from her images, she aims to create visuals that return to the essence of her subjects. Simple pleasures, the banality of life and the endless search for balance are themes that are often reflected in her work.

With her images she prefers to connect rather than polarize, inspire rather than shock, and guide the viewer back to warm memories rather than provoke new thoughts. She endeavors to keep an open frame for the viewer. With a gentle approach, she invites you into her romanticized nostalgia, where you are free to infuse the narrative with your own interpretation.